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Created and Produced by
Alex Boylan and Lisa Hennessy

Jaw-dropping views, spectacular architecture with unparalleled services and staff….everyone wants to experience the best villas in the world.  And in this series, you’ll be taken on an enchanting journey around the world to see the best villas available for rent…right now!

Epic Villas is a new TV series, produced by multi-award-winning producers Alex Boylan and Lisa Hennessy, showcasing the best villas around the world.

The series is hosted by world traveler, Alex Boylan, who throws to the villa representative on-location who gives a personal tour of their  one-of-a-kind villa.

Each episode brings viewers to a new extraordinary location while exploring firsthand the most Epic Villas.

Epic Villas….it’s one of the best things on TV right now!

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Epic Villas

Casa Tau

One of the newest estates in Punta Mita, Casa Tau is part of the exclusive Los Ranchos community.  Set on the last lot in the small, gated collection of less than 30 homes, privacy is no issue here.  While there are no private beaches in… read more.

Casa Palmasola

Surrender to the sound of the ocean, bask in the warmth of the sun, relax and let yourself be held as the Palmasola family takes care of your vacation. Take time to reconnect with yourself and with your loved ones while embracing… read more.

Casa Koko

Nestled within one of the most luxurious sections of Punta Mita, is Casa Koko, a breathtaking oceanfront vacation villa that exudes Zen vibes with décor inspired by Japanese aesthetic philosophy… read more.

Casa Brisa

Villa Brisa is located in the Kupuri area of Punta Mita. This places the seven-bedroom estate in a wonderful position to enjoy sunsets every evening and amazing views at all times. Yet, this is more than an estate-like property with great views… read more.

Casa Tesoro

Discover Tesoro…the treasure of Punta Mita, Mexico
Set on an oceanfront bluff just steps above a secluded, sandy-beach cove, Tesoro is a 7-suite private villa that epitomizes the barefoot luxury lifestyle. Its modern, clean… read more.

Want to featureyour villa in an upcoming episode?

The producers of Epic Villas are looking for fabulous villas around the world to be featured in upcoming episodes.

The Producers

Alex Boylan
Alex Boylan

After winning CBS’s Amazing Race at 23 years old, Alex has gone on to have an amazing career both in front and behind the camera. Above all else Alex is an adventurer, traveler and storyteller. He has filmed in nearly every state in America, and over 60 countries around the world…READ MORE.

Lisa Hennessy
Lisa Hennessy

Lisa Hennessy is one of the most accomplished female executive producers in Hollywood. She has created, launched, and executive produced hundreds of hours of prime time network television from Eco-Challenge, Survivor, Rock Star INXS, and Contender to The Biggest Loser…just to name a few…READ MORE.

David Bramnick
David Bramnick

David Bramnick comes to epic Villas after a 40+ year career in broadcasting, sales leadership, executive and business coaching and a great deal of experience in the world of marketing. He brings a great deal of creative marketing skills and sales acumen as one of Epic Villas…READ MORE.